2 Zebra Steaks (125g Each)
2 Kangaroo Rump Steaks (125g Each)
2 Camel Steaks (125g Each)
2 Wild Boar Loin Steaks (125g Each)
6 Water Buffalo Sausages
500g Camel Diced
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Happy Christmas


Great GIFT!!!!

If the thought of another traditional turkey dinner makes you feel deflated, you need a little inspiration to help spice up your Christmas meal... Try our range of exotic meat!!!!!!! 


Barbary Duck Legs (x2) [700g]

Barbary Duck Breasts [400g]

Pheasant Oven Read (approx. 1kg) 

Guinea Fowl Supremes (approx.370g) 

Pigeon Breasts (x10) [500g] 

Venison Steaks [2x170g]

Kangaroo Fillet Steaks [2x125g]

Wild Boar Loin Steaks [2x125g]

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Partridge Oven Ready x2 [400g]

Pheasant Oven Ready  [+/- 1Kg] 

Guinea Fowl Oven Ready [+/- 1Kg]

Mixed Diced Game [500g]

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Our Best Deal!!!!

Make your party more exotic and serve something unexpected by offering your guests some of our products range!!!

Pigeon Breasts (x5) [500g]

Pheasant breasts (x10) [1kg]

Guinea Fowl Oven Ready [1kg]

Venison Steak (x2) [340g]

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Kangaroo Fillet Steak 2x125g

Partridge Oven Ready (x2) [+/- 200g]
Guinea Fowl Oven Ready [+/- 1kg]
Barbary Duck Breast (x2) [+/- 400g]
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