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Ostrich Meat is extremely low in cholesterol and very high in protein making it one of the healthiest red meats available. As the Ostrich does not fly it does not develop breast muscles so all the prime meat comes from the leg and the rump of the bird, although there is a substantial amount of meat on the neck which is ideal for stews and casseroles (treat as you would Oxtail).  

Ostrich meat tastes similar to the finest quality beef, but doesn't just taste great, it is also a healthy alternative to traditional meats:

  • Very low fat content of less than 0.5%
  • Very low cholesterol content 62mg/100g
  • High in Iron, Calcium, & Protein 23% (Ref. Mellett, Bohme, & Fischer)

This versatile red meat has excellent qualities and in order to obtain the best results, and maximise your enjoyment, flash fry in olive oil, butter, or both; or brush with olive oil, season, and grill. Cook to your personal preference, but "pink" is excellent. Serve plain or with a sauce - if sauces are to be used, we would recommend light fruit-flavoured varieties, or simple seasoning to bring out the full flavour of the meat.

Ostrich Recipes

Ostrich & Quail Egg salad with a warm Honey dressing, Croutons & Garlic (Starter)
Ingredients (Starter, serves 4)
300g Osgrow Ostrich Fillet
Mixed gourmet salad (using colorful variety with red leaves)
114g White bread (diced)
Crushed garlic
4/8 Fresh quail eggs
200ml Honey French dressing
Wash gourmet salad and dry off. Season Ostrich fillet and roast medium/medium rare in oven (250 degrees, 69 degrees core temperature) for approximately 20 minutes.  Cut white bread into small cubes and pan fry in garlic butter until golden brown. Lastly warm honey French dressing and serve separately.  When ready to serve slice Ostrich meat thinly, place on salad and decorate with one or two pan fried or poached quail eggs. Decorate with chives and croutons.
Fillet of Roast Ostrich in Poppy Seed & Lemon Grass with Port & Redcurrant Juice
Ingredients (4 servings)
500g Osgrow Ostrich Fillet
57g Black poppy seeds
28g Dried lemon grass
2 tblsp Redcurrant jelly
114g Fresh redcurrants (when available)
200 ml Port
Prepare ostrich fillet cutting off any tissue. Brush meat with a little virgin olive oil and lightly shake poppy seeds onto meat covering the whole surface. Dust on the lemon grass and lightly pat to firm ingredients to meat.  Place in the oven (260 degrees) for 20 minutes, remove and rest. Core temperature of meat should be 67 degrees. Place back in the oven for a further 10 minutes prior to serving.  Place redcurrant jelly, port and a little ostrich or beef stock into a pan and reduce until a thicker juice base has formed, if to thick, thin down with additional stock.
Ostrich Bolognese
Pasta or Spaghetti can be used in this dish
Ingredients (4 servings)
600g minced Osgrow Ostrich Rump
4 rashers Un-smoked bacon finely chopped
1.5 tblsp Virgin olive oil
1 small onion finely chopped
1 large Garlic clove (crushed)
227g Tin of Italian tomatoes
2 heaped tblsp Tomato puree
4 tblsp Red wine
Fresh basil
Salt & black pepper
4 portions of pasta or spaghetti
114g grated parmesan
Heat in thick saucepan, soften onions, bacon and garlic (5 minutes) and then add to the pan of hot minced ostrich. Constantly move to brown the contents of the saucepan. Add tomatoes, puree, wine, basil and season.  Simmer for 20 minutes while cooking spaghetti or pasta. Serve with topping of grated parmesan.
Fillet of Ostrich on a bed of Leaf Spinach with Bitter Orange sauce
Ingredients (4 servings)
600g Osgrow Ostrich Fillet
4 portions Baby leaf spinach (steamed)
Add seasoning and grated nutmeg
4 Seville oranges
275ml Ostrich or beef stock
1 tblsp Plain flour
5 tblsp Port
3 heaped tblsp Brown sugar
Virgin olive oil
Salt and black pepper
Steam spinach in round moulds, season with salt, pepper and grated nutmeg. Remove zest from oranges (blanche), squeeze oranges for juice.  Cook steaks in hot oil (rare) and leave to rest. Add flour and a little stock to the steak juice making a paste over a medium heat (for 2 minutes) browning slightly, add remaining stock to make smooth sauce; add sugar and cook out before adding orange juice, seasoning to taste: stir in port and add steak to re-heat before serving.
Ostrich Stir Fry of Fresh Vegetables
Ingredients (starter, 4 servings or main course, 2 servings)
600g Osgrow Ostrich Fillet (cut into strips)
1 packet Sweet-snap peas (sliced on angle)
Green, red and yellow pepper (thinly sliced)
114g Mushrooms in stalk (sliced)
114g Florets of cauliflower and broccoli
114g Asparagus (cut in halves)
1 packet Bean sprouts
Soy sauce
57g Grated ginger
Virgin olive oil
Salt & black pepper
Brush pan with olive oil, heat to smoking and cook the vegetables, quickly charring, slightly season to taste. Heat olive oil in frying pan and cook seasoned Ostrich strips medium rare. Toss the stir fried vegetables, meat and soy sauce, add ginger and seasoning and serve.
Ostrich Casserole with Roast Celeriac Barrels and Risotto Rice
Ingredients (4 servings)
600g Osgrow Ostrich Rump steak (cubed)
114g Flour
1 medium Celeriac (cut into 1 inch barrels)
170g Carrots (small diced)
57g Mixed colored peppers
8 small Shallots
170g Risotto rice
114g small button mushrooms
Olive oil
600ml Ostrich or beef stock
Finely dice fresh peppers. Flour diced Ostrich and pan fry in hot oil until colored (medium rare), add stock to obtain thick sauce. Place in oven proof pan and add mushrooms (whole), diced carrots and additional stock but not all. Place in low oven for 50 minutes.
Roast shallots and celeriac and put into casserole when ready to serve. Either thicken sauce or dilute with extra stock to obtain desired consistency. Decorate with freshly chopped parsley or basil. Prepare risotto rice as per instructions adding the diced peppers at the beginning.
Warm Ostrich Carpaccio with Rucola
Ingredients (4 servings)
600g Osgrow Ostrich Steak, thinly sliced
2 cl of Olive Oil
2 cloves of Garlic
a little freshly Ground Pepper and coarse Sea Salt
50g finely sliced Mushrooms
150g Rucola, fresh basil
Press the cloves of garlic, and shred the mushrooms and basil. Carefully arrange the thin slices of ostrich steak on heat-resistant plates and sprinkle with olive oil and garlic, then warm for about two minutes under a hot grill.  Finally season to taste with salt and pepper and add the finishing touches with the shredded mushrooms and basil and with rucola. Serve immediately.
Fillet of Ostrich with Almonds and Calvados
Ingredients (4 servings)
750g Osgrow Ostrich Fillet
2 finely chopped Shallots
1 pressed or finely chopped clove of Garlic
100g sliced Almonds
200cl Cream
1/2dl Calvados
Fresh basil
Salt and Curry powder
First brown the chopped almonds under the grill. Fry the ostrich fillet in a pan and season with pepper, salt and curry powder. Take both the meat and the stock from the pan, which is now used to simmer the shallots and garlic. Add the cream and return the meat and stock to the pan with half of the sliced almonds. Sprinkle with calvados and let the sauce reduce down until it thickens.  Finally, complete the whole with finely chopped basil and the rest of the almond slices.