Crocodile Burgers (4oz) Price: £9.00

4 x Crocodile Burgers 4oz

Crocodile meat has a low level of cholesterol and is exceptionally juicy and tender with a firm-texture. It is a light-coloured meat which absorbs other flavours well. It is ideal for barbeques, roasting or grilling.

Meat Content: Crocodile Meat 90%, Chicken, Rusk, Salt, Wheat flour, Herbs. Spices. Sugar, Emulsifier E450C, Flavor Enhancer E621, Dextrose, Preservative E221

For best results Crocodile should be cooked in the same manor as lean pork or chicken and can be prepared using both wet and dry methods of cooking. It is ideal for barbeques, roasting or grilling but has quite a neutral taste and it is recommended that flavouring is used.