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4 x Kangaroo Burgers 4oz

Meat Content: 80% Kangaroo, Pork, Salt, Dried Onion, E450B, Citrate.

Kangaroo has a high protein and iron content. It is a fine grained meat, which when cooked has a texture likened to liver. Having a low fat content (less than 2%) means it is very easy to over cook, so is best served rare or medium rare with a reddish or pinkish colour inside.

Kangaroo can be prepared in a variety of ways using wet or dry cooking methods. To help retain its moisture we suggest you brush the meat prior to cooking with a little olive, sesame or peanut oil and if you are pan frying the meat to quickly seal both sides in a hot pan.  Generally our Kangaroo products are dispatched frozen.


Kangaroos (macropods) are indigenous to Australia with 4 out of the 48 species being harvested on a commercial basis. To protect and control their numbers the population is monitored by Australian government conservation agencies, who issue annual quotas for harvesting as part of their Government Kangaroo Management Program. This is an excellent example of how the partnership between conservation and exotic meat production works, as Kangaroo numbers are now greater than ever before. This is a direct result of the improvements made in food and water supplies. Kangaroos are only harvested from primary producing regions, with no animals being harvested from National Parks or Conservation areas.

All our Kangaroo meat is sourced from establishments which have an Australian Standard approved Quality Assurance System, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point program in place and are regularly audited by Government approved Inspectors.