Trade Customers

Trade Kitchen Osgrow has over a decade of experience importing Exotic and Unusual meats and insects from around the world supplying to the wholesale and catering trade.  Dispatching from our FSA Approved cutting plant near Bristol to Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Butchers and Retail Shops throughout mainland UK we have a fast reliable delivery network to support your business.

Osgrow have developed a range of products that our customers tell us are helping their businesses to compete in their local markets, as well as bringing a talking point to their special boards.  Osgrow supplies Ostrich Meat, Kangaroo Meat, Crocodile Steaks, Frogs Legs, Wild Boar Steaks & Loins (and many more products!). Try Osgrow Camel or Zebra Steaks for something unusual. "Get me out of here" with Python, Locusts & Crickets!

Osgrow supplies Exotic Meast to Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Wholesalers throughout the UK.    Call our sales team on 01179 730 300 and we will be happy to send you our TRADE PRICE LIST.

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